The Center For Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Center For Minimally Invasive Surgery


Providing excellent surgical care in a convenient, comfortable, outpatient environment.


Our doctors provide best-in-class surgical care in a safe and efficient outpatient environment.


We provide outpatient care that offers comfort and convenience to adults and children.


We are able to bring some of the nation’s most talented surgeons right to your neighborhood.


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Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Post-Operative Pain Relief

For your comfort, The Center For Minimally Invasive Surgery uses Iovera advanced cold therapy for immediate pain relief.  Iovera is a preoperative pain management technique that uses the power of cold therapy to provide temporary relief from pain.  The treatment involves using a specialized device to freeze specific nerves in the body, causing them to become temporarily numb and reducing the sensation of pain.  This technique is minimally invasive and can be used before surgery to minimize the need for opioid painkillers and improve overall patient outcomes.

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