Your Outpatient Surgery Options

Many people will undergo surgery at some point in life. An emergency procedure can be life-saving, while elective procedures can address long-standing conditions. Surgery is also essential for repairing ligaments, replacing joints, and diagnosing possible diseases. There is also a growing demand for cosmetic surgery. Large hospitals were once the gatekeepers of surgical procedures. Now, thanks to ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), patients have a choice. There’s no need to be ushered into a specific hospital. Patients are now empowered to choose an ASC for elective or cosmetic needs.

3 Things to Know Before Your FESS surgery

What is an ASC?

An ambulatory surgical center is an institution that focuses on completing outpatient surgeries for a wide range of conditions or purposes. The ASC comprises a skilled team of surgeons, nurses, and other staff that can perform same-day surgeries. After a consultation, the patient selects a date for the required procedure. The patient has the procedure performed at the ASC, and then after a short monitoring period, the patient can leave on the same day. ASCs can perform various surgeries, like arthroscopy and endoscopy, using minimally invasive techniques. Here are 3 critical reasons to choose an ASC for surgery.

1. An excellent patient experience

Ambulatory surgical centers are often private institutions dialed in on the patient experience. The goal is to provide personalized care and attention from entry to exit. ASCs are smaller, more intimate settings that help patients feel at ease. The patient-focused atmosphere means the patient can schedule a specific date and time for surgery, limiting delays. The atmosphere is also comfortable and calm, with almost no exposure to other sick patients. ASCs are often in convenient locations, reducing the hassle for patients worried about traffic or parking.

2. You want to minimize risk

Insisting on an ASC means insisting on minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for the task. Some doctors at hospitals will perform routine open surgery for many common surgeries. While effective, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, and poor outcomes. Open surgery also leaves large, unpleasant scars. An ASC only performs MIS using special scopes. Some ASC surgeons even use robotic arm devices for added accuracy. ASCs also focus on infection control and enhanced patient safety protocols, as the goal is for the patient to leave on the same day. Taking the stress out of the equation ensures the patient is mentally and physically ready for surgery.

3. You want specialized expertise

In most cases, ASCs are owned by renowned surgeons in each respective field who hire the best of the best. These surgeons ensure that the team is abreast of the latest technology and strategies for outpatient surgery. ASCs invest in robotic surgery and training to make the process easier for all involved. As a result, ASCs perform multiple similar procedures on the same day, making the team more skilled and proficient. The benefit of specialized expertise sounds expensive, but ASCs often have lower facility fees than hospitals, helping decrease out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

Your choice for an ASC

Surgery seems like a process that the first available surgeon should handle. For emergency cases, this is vital for the patient's survival. For elective, non-emergency outpatient options, the patient has some control. Don't be afraid to insist on moving the procedure to an ASC. The benefits of skilled surgeons with advanced technology can't be denied. The assurance of a team dedicated to performing the best outpatient surgery possible can make patients feel more at ease.

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