Preparing for Pediatric Surgery

The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery pediatric surgery staff is dedicated to your child’s health and security. Our staff will help reassure and comfort you and your child, and will provide information and support for families coping with your child’s surgical situation. Here are some helpful suggestions to assist in maintaining a positive experience for your family:

  • If possible, it is helpful for both parents to be present on the day of surgery. We request that siblings remain at home, so the full focus of the parents’ attention is on your recovering child.
  • Bring a comfort item, such as a stuffed animal or toy.

  • Arrange a visit to the Center prior to surgery for you and your child.

  • Ask questions about your child’s condition, procedure, and expected recovery to ensure understanding.

  • Ensure your child understands he/she had done nothing wrong or bad.

  • Be honest with discussing your child’s fears about pain.

  • Read children’s books about healthcare experiences.

  • Ensure you understand the pain control measures available prior to discharge.

  • Plan for home recovery in advance with light activities such as reading, drawing, and coloring.

  • Plan for light meals and snacks during the recovery period.

Our staff is specially trained is treating the pediatric patient. We do everything possible to reduce anxiety and discomfort for our patients. However, home preparation and family support significantly impact the child’s experience. Please contact your surgeon or our staff regarding any specific questions you may have.