Neurostimulator, An Alternate Pain Relief

Treatments like rest, medications, injections, and physical therapy usually manage pain relief. However, when these treatments do not work successfully, doctors look for alternate options. A permanent placement of a neurostimulator can manage stubborn pain. This treatment option provides pain relief and other benefits.

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What is neurostimulator?

A neurostimulator is a device that is placed into the spine to manage chronic pain. The device consists of electrodes and a pacemaker or generator. The electrodes are placed in the epidural space. The generator is placed beneath the skin of the buttocks or abdomen. In this process, pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain.

A 2-step procedure

The process of implanting the device is divided into 2 steps. The first step is the trial procedure where the device is implanted for a temporary period, of about a week. If the patient achieves at least 50% of reduced pain level, then step 2 is carried out. The second step is where a permanent placement of neurostimulator is performed and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Benefits of neurostimulator

Permanent placement of the neurostimulator does help to provide pain relief when other treatments fail to work. This device also treats various pain types such as nerve, chest, and back pain. Using a neurostimulator helps avoid using opioids that cause strong adverse effects. Patients applying this device for the first time can undergo a trial period and if unsuccessful, the procedure is reversible.

Controlled pain, better lifestyle

The overall lifestyle improves when a patient’s pain is well-controlled with a permanent neurostimulator. Overall quality of life and sleep become better. A patient’s mobility and function improve significantly as well.

Conditions that can be treated

A neurostimulator can manage chronic pain in various areas of the body. Chronic back or neck pain, spinal cord injury, post-surgical pain, and neuropathic pain are some conditions that can be treated. Even pain after amputation or heart pain can benefit from a permanent neurostimulator placement.

Measuring the effectiveness

Studies have shown that a permanent placement of neurostimulator provides positive outcomes. Pain relief with neurostimulators ranges from 54%-87%. More than 60% of people eliminate the use of strong medications like opioids after applying neurostimulators. Many studies have concluded that neurostimulator placement reduces pain and increases a person’s functional capacity.

Planning to get a neurostimulator

Unresolved chronic pain despite attempting various treatment modalities can be frustrating. However, there is still hope to achieve pain relief with the permanent placement of a neurostimulator. A permanent neurostimulator provides pain reduction and improves overall quality of life, sleep, mobility, and function. Speak to the healthcare provider about getting a permanent neurostimulator placement and the effectiveness and benefits.

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