Time For A Surgical Solution?

Chronic ear infections can be uncomfortable and disturb children and adults alike. Myringotomy is a surgical procedure used to treat chronic middle ear infections that have become resistant to standard treatments like antibiotics. An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor creates a small opening in the eardrum and places pressure-equalizing tubes. This surgery helps restore normal air pressure within the middle ear and reduces fluid buildup behind the eardrum. Taking this action now rather than later has 3 crucial benefits.

3 Things to Know Before Your FESS surgery

1. Long term relief

An attractive benefit of myringotomy is long-term relief for people dealing with recurring ear infections. Studies show the procedure is highly effective in providing relief. For people with chronic otitis, antibiotics can only provide relief for a few weeks until another infection occurs. The long-term effects of antibiotic use can also impact healing. This minor procedure may eliminate the need for antibiotics or other medications to treat chronic ear infections over time. Some patients experience relief for months, or even years, with some individuals not requiring any subsequent treatment.

2. Prevent further damage

With chronic ear infections, inflammation buildup also happens, which can begin to impact other functions in the body. Some people experience vertigo, for instance, or develop sinus pain, jaw pain, and chronic headaches. These symptoms are sometimes overlooked but can be due to ear infections. Surgery can prevent these potential complications from developing. Other long-term problems such as permanent hearing loss, balance problems, decreased speech clarity, and more are possible. The sooner the patient fixes the issue, the better.

3. Improved hearing

Chronic ear infections can limit hearing, making the patient accustomed to this baseline. During recovery, the patient has ear tubes that can bring immediate improvement. When the eardrum heals, these tubes fall out. When the pressure is relieved, some patients are left with better hearing than before. Sounds are more transparent and easier to detect, making conversations, movies, and music more enjoyable. This is especially important for children still developing speech to form better connections and improve understanding. Opting for surgery ensures young children have a better quality of life during critical formative years.

Hearing a brighter future

Proceeding with myringotomy surgery as soon as possible can improve hearing, prevent future complications, and alleviate pain. This procedure is an excellent choice for those wanting effective relief from the symptoms associated with recurring ear infections. Surgery can also save time and stress and even reduce the cost of care. When patients compare the number of antibiotics, doctor visits, and days of work missed due to pain, surgery is an excellent option.

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